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Mauricio Silva

Guitar/Violin/Piano Instructor

Mauricio Silva is a world-class professional musician and esteemed educator with over 20 years of training and experience in the realm of music. Specializing in both the Guitar and Violin, Mauricio's journey with music began at a tender age, commencing his early education at the prestigious Liceo Musical Santa Cecilia in Ibagué, Colombia, where he laid the foundation for his classical music prowess with the Violin. He has been teaching since 2012.

Building upon his classical training, Mauricio's insatiable passion for music led him to the revered Conservatorio de Ibagué, a cradle of world-class musicians. Under the tutelage of renowned mentors, he honed his craft as a classical violinist in Ibague, widely acknowledged as the musical capital of Colombia.
He was awarded a scholarship for young Colombian artists, enabling him to pursue higher education abroad. Subsequently, Mauricio secured admission to the world-renowned Jazz program at the University of North Texas, the first university jazz program in the country and the world. At UNT, he earned both his Bachelor's and Master's Degrees. His talent earned him the College of Music Spec’s One O’clock Lab Band Scholarship School of Music Competitive Scholarship, among several others. He was selected to be the Graduate Teaching Assistant, co-directing the Popular Music Ensemble.

As he pursued a Bachelor's degree in Jazz Guitar Performance, he simultaneously blossomed as a professional guitarist, gracing stages across the United States and around the globe. Among his many notable performances was the privilege of playing for distinguished individuals, including former President George W. Bush. His reputation earned him the opportunity to embark on a European tour with Liv Warfield, a protegée of the renowned artist formerly known as Prince. He performed in Spain, the UK, France, Belgium, and Luxembourg, leaving an indelible mark on the international music scene.

Mauricio crafted enriching Master Classes at his alma mater, the Conservatorio de Ibagué, focusing on jazz and improvisation. Passionate about uplifting and imparting valuable life lessons, he firmly believes in the transformative power of music education, emphasizing virtues such as discipline, consistency, focus, honesty, hard work, and the perpetual pursuit of improvement that transcend beyond the realm of music.
He channels his expertise and experiences into each of his students, striving to provide the best of his personal and professional journey. As a musician and educator, he remains a beacon of inspiration, enriching lives and shaping futures through the universal language of music.

Mauricio Silva
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