Mission Statement


The mission of South Florida Conservatory of Music is to provide the highest caliber of music education for students of all ages and levels, so that they may achieve their fullest potential and build their best future.

Building A Better Future

We are helping our students to create a lifelong relationship with music and to enjoy playing a musical instrument.
With us, you or your child will learn how to play by ear, improvise, read lead sheets, chord progressions, play popular songs  and classical masterpieces. 


Our classes include:


Each lesson is provided by highly qualified teachers, who utilize an effective teaching method within a modern, secure, and well-equipped facility.


Our students have multiple opportunities to showcase their talents and accomplishments.

Professional and friendly staff members are available to assist you during all teaching hours.

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Located in the Heart of Hollywood, Florida

South Florida Conservatory of Music fits perfectly within the culture of Downtown Hollywood, Florida. Characterized by quaint sidewalk cafés, brick-lined walks, six blocks of unique boutiques, shops, art galleries and dozens of excellent restaurants in the heart of Downtown, Hollywood. This pedestrian-friendly environment is the perfect place to enjoy South Florida. Residents and visitors can feed their hunger for the arts in the city where there is a devotion to the creative spirit.
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