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Mariangel Russian

Piano/Voice Instructor

Mariangel is an emerging musician. She has been teaching since 2020. Additionally, she has been immersed in music since childhood, born and raised in Venezuela. Her love for the arts brought her to start her more formal music training early, in high school in the US, attending the Academy of Arts and Minds, Coconut Grove, FL.

Mariangel continued her training and earned her Associate's Degree from Miami Dade College and a Bachelor's Degree in Vocal Performance at Florida International University in 2021. In her performance style, she is able to blend the best of multiple music genres. Furthermore, her background includes writing as well as performance experience. Her performance experience is diverse, possessing equal expertise in the company of orchestras, choirs, bands, and musical theater.

She has been tutored and worked under the direction of Manny Schvartzman, Ann Anello, Carol Caselle, and Amy Davis. In her training, she has sought a diversity for both jazz and classical vocal training and training in classical piano.

Mariangel Russian
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