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Blake Cabrera

Piano Instructor

Blake Cabrera began teaching piano in 2018. He is an up-and-coming classical pianist and composer. He began learning piano at the age of twelve and composing at fourteen. He has won multiple piano competitions including the Manolov International Piano Competition based in New York, the South Florida International Piano Competition, and the Sempre Musick Competition.

He has studied piano performance under several master pianists from various universities including Mark Demidovich, Dr. Tamara Poddubnaya, and Dr. Jose Ignacio Diaz Gravier. Blake is currently the assistant to an Emmy-winning conductor, Alberto Bade, studying orchestration and ensemble performance skills. He has performed in multiple concerts with a full orchestra. One of those concerts, the annual Video Game Concert, is expected to be nominated for the 2023 Suncoast Emmys. A documentary about young composers and composition technique, “Echoes of Inspiration,” includes contributions from Blake’s studies and mentorship with Mr. Bade. In this concert/documentary, one of Mr. Cabrera’s compositions was recorded and featured.

Blake is currently a student at Miami-Dade College and intends to pursue a career as a concert pianist and composer.

Blake Cabrera
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