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Group Music Lessons

Youth Band

Are you a young musician looking for an exciting and rewarding experience? Join our youth band! Our band is composed of talented students from our school, and we play a variety of musical styles, from classical to rock. Whether you play guitar, drums, keyboard, or another instrument, we have a spot for you.


Our experienced director will provide guidance and support to help you develop your skills and reach your full potential. Plus, you'll have the opportunity to perform in concerts and other events, and to build connections and friendships with other young musicians. Don't miss this chance to be a part of something special. Join our youth band today!

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Childhood Music Education

Fun and educational way to introduce your child to music? Join our childhood music education program! Our program is designed to provide a fun and engaging introduction to music for children of all ages. Our experienced instructors will use a variety of teaching methods and activities to help your child develop their musical abilities and discover a love for music.


Plus, our program provides a supportive and inclusive community where your child can make friends and build connections. Enroll your child in our childhood music education program today and give them the opportunity to explore the world of music!

Summer Camp

Are you looking for a fun and educational way for your child to spend their summer? Join our music summer camp for children! Our camp is designed to provide a fun and engaging musical experience. Our experienced instructors will provide a variety of music lessons and activities, including instrument instruction, ensemble playing, and music theory.


Your child will have a blast making new friends, learning new skills, and exploring the world of music. Enroll your child in our music summer camp today!

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