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Tuition and Prices*


Trial lessons

60-Minute Private Trial Lesson - $75 

45-Minute Private Trial Lessons - $60 

30-Minute Private Trial Lesson - $45  (reserved for children under 8 years old)

Monthly Tuition:


Private Lessons

Weekly Lessons (one lesson per week)

60-Minute Weekly Lessons - $360 per Month

45-Minute Weekly Lessons - $299 per Month

30-Minute Weekly Lessons - $199 per Month (reserved for children under 8 years old)

Group Lessons (Band and Early Childhood Music Class)


Trial Group class

        50--Minute Lesson - $25


Weekly Classes (one Class per week)

50-Minute Weekly Classes (Youth Band, Young Explorers) - $140 per Month

60-Minute Weekly Classes (Songwriting) - $150 per Month

  • Registration Fee for All Music Programs: $59

  • Registration Fee for Family Members and Returning Students: $39



Discounts: We offer multi-student and multi-instrument discounts. For every child in your family that you sign up for lessons, you get a discount. You will also get a discount for lessons on an additional instrument. Contact the Front Desk for details.

Call 954.842.2652 for more information!

Kirtan Music

Want to try music lessons?

Contact us to schedule your trial lesson. 

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