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How to Get the Most Out of Your Music Lessons

Over before you know it

Anyone who's taken a music lesson before can attest to just how quickly those 30-60 minutes can pass by. You warm-up, practice your scales, go over a few pieces and before you know it? *BEEP* Time's up, see you next week! There's a lot of information to be processed in that time frame and if you're not in the right mind to absorb it, some of the things you went over in the lesson might be forgotten. ^ (We've all been here before 🙄) ^

In order to combat these lesson lethargies here are some ways to fully utilize your lesson times and leave yourself ready to conquer the rest of the week!

Practice makes Perfect

The most effective way to utilize your lesson time is by practicing your music throughout the week. By coming to your lesson every week fully prepared you don't have to spend half of the time plunking notes or learning rhythms. Instead, you can spend the whole time working on fine-tuning your technique and letting the piece truly shine.

(It'll also earn you HUGE brownie points with your teacher, so keep that in mind 🌟)

The Power of Snacks

It may seem silly but one of the biggest causes of distraction is not having enough nourishment. Going into your lessons hungry can make it harder to pay attention during the class, thinking about what it is you're going to eat when you're finished. Having a healthy snack beforehand not only takes care of your hunger but also gives your brain a boost to keep you more involved in the lesson. Some of our favorite pre-lesson snacks are carrot sticks, granola, and fresh fruit to help get you through those 30-60 minutes 🍎 "An apple a day keeps the drowsiness away" ...I think that's how it goes right?

Recordings are your Friends

We talked about this one a bit during our last blog post, but the best way to remember what happened in your lesson is to record the lesson itself! Not only will it give you something to listen to, but it can make you more comfortable with playing to a "virtual audience."

The next time you go into a music lesson ask your teacher if they're all right with you recording the session, that way you'll be able to hear how you sounded and use what you learned when you practice during the week.

Turning off your phone

Let's face, it's impossible to live without phones nowadays. They've basically become ingrained into our everyday lives to the point where not having one makes you an utter pariah!

As important as our phones might be, turning them off during your lesson can take your mind off what might be going on outside the music room and help you focus on your session. Imagine... a full 60 minutes where you can just sit down and only think about the music. Sounds pretty nice to me! I'm sure that finalizing those brunch plans can wait until after the lesson.

Remembering to Have Fun!

What's one of the easiest ways to make a habit out of something? Enjoying it! Music lessons don't have to be a thing to dread each week, they can be an exciting new experience to watch yourself grow on an instrument. Talk to your teacher about little practice games you can play to help improve your playing! Pitch-Note matching quizzes, keyboard scavenger hunts, there are so many possibilities to keep your lessons fresh and exciting. Be sure to talk with your teacher about these sorts of games and other activities you can use to make your playing better.


Putting Method into Practice

Now that you know the tricks to utilize music lessons, all that's left is signing up for them! The South Florida Conservatory of Music's teaching staff prides themselves on productive one on one sessions to bring out the potential in each of our students. Whether it's piano lessons, guitar, voice, or drums, SFLCM is ready to provide you with an unforgettable music experience catered specifically towards your growth!

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